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Exodus Revealed - Search for the Red Sea Crossing


This DVD follows the footsteps of the children of Israel in an unforgettable journey of discovery. A journey that reveals physical evidence for the Exodus including: the remains of 3800 year old Hebrew settlements in Egypt's Nile Delta, Egyptian records of the Israelite's bondage under Pharaoh; the precise route they may have followed to freedom; their crossing site on shore of the Red Sea; and the location of Mt. Sinai. This DVD brings to light the first significant archaeological "find" of the 21st century. Approx. 3 hours.
DVD Extra Features:

Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
Where Are the Ten Commandments?
From Egypt to Mt. Sinai
Cecil B. DeMille's Exodus
Timeline from Joseph to the Birth of Jesus Christ
Director's Cut

Price: £15.00

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