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Pilgrims Progress Part 2 Christiana


Now! As the long awaited companion to our popular Audio Book dramatization of "The Pilgrim's Progress Part I", we proudly offer "Christiana: The Pilgrim's Progress Part II".

This is John Bunyan's brilliant sequel to "Part I" wherein Christian's wife and children start on their way toward the Celestial City.
On their journey they encounter several giants, Vanity Fair, the Enchanted Forest, the Grand Chasm and dozens of other adventures. Featuring:

Original Music by Jeff Wood
58 Actors
Realistic sound effects
Easy to understand Olde English
8 full hours of inspirational action on 6 CDs.

As well loved as our original production of "The Pilgrim's Progress" has been, many of our customers (especially little girls and their mothers) have enjoyed "Christiana" even more.

John Bunyan's ingenious sequel to his character-building allegory "The Pilgrim's Progress" - is now a fully dramatized Audio Book for family evenings together.

Fully Dramatized
55 skilled actors
Custom sound effects
Original musical score by Jeff Wood
8 full hours

'Christiana' You will find this heartwarming sequel to the original masterpiece chock full of romance, humor and adventure. Beginning in the city of Destruction and accompanied by her four sons and Mercy, a young neighbor, Christiana is in for an adventure to end all adventures.

Travel with them as they meet up with Great-heart and battle the giants Grim, Maul and Despair. Thrill as their little troupe overcomes every difficulty and picks up such colorful characters as Old-honest from the town of Stupidity, Mr. Fearing, Much-afraid, Stand-fast and several others.

John Bunyan is confined to prison! His crime? Preaching about the King of kings without a license from the king of England. In an effort to silence the voice that speaks to a few dozen village farmers his enemies sentence him to a loathsome village dungeon.

For 12 years he endures their tyranny as they seek to crush his spirit. But in that damp prison cell Bunyan breathes the very atmosphere of heaven. There he creates "The Pilgrim's Progress" - that immortal masterpiece that for over 300 years has preached to untold millions.

The immortal masterpiece born in that musty dungeon has gone on to become the best selling spiritual allegory the world has ever known. Now this immortal tale of spiritual conquest continues its phenomenal history in this remarkable Audio Book from Orion's Gate, Ltd. Christiana - helping you open 'A doorway to forever'

Price: £20.00

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