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Truth Triumphant


The history of God's true Church, from Ireland, to the Waldenses, the struggle to preserve the Bible and the pure doctrine of the apostles is disclosed. This book features the triumph of truth in the period from the time after the Apostles death to 1798, a chapter of God's leadings long hidden by intolerance and falsehood.

I. What Is the Church in the Wilderness?
II. The Church in the Wilderness in Prophecy
III. The Apostolic Origins of the Church in the Wilderness in Ireland
IV. The Silent Cities of Syria
V. Lucian and the Church in Syria
VI. Vigilantius, Leader of the Waldenses
VII. Patrick, Organizer of the Church in the Wilderness in Ireland
VIII. Columba and the Church in Scotland
IX. Papas, First Head of the Church in Asia
X. How the Church Was Driven Into the Wilderness
XI. Dinooth and the Church in Wales
XII. Aidan and the Church in England
XIII. Columbanus and the Church in Europe
XIV. The Church in Europe After the Time of Columbanus
XV. Early Waldensian Heroes
XVI. The Church of the Waldenses
XVII. Aba and the Church in Persia
XVIII. Timothy of Bagdad; The Church Under Mohammedan Rule
XIX. The St. Thomas Christians of India
XX. The Great Struggle in India
XXI. Adam and the Church of India
XXII. Marcos of Peking
XXIII. The Church in Japan and the Philippines
XXIV. The Remnant Church Succeeds the Church in the Wilderness
Index of Authorities

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