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Understanding Daniel and The Revelation


Understanding Daniel and The Revelation: "Understanding Daniel & the Revelation" Is a simplified commentary on the two most powerful books of prophecy in the entire Bible. 368 pages.
Few realize that these two books actually are one, each bringing the other to completion and they point to our time warning of events now taking place. Only by letting the prophets interpret the prophets can a true understanding of these prophecies be had.
The Bible MUST be its own interpreter. Prophecies are of 'no private interpretation'.
Because the Ancient Sanctuary is directly connected with these prophecies, a section is included that gives an overview of the Sanctuary and its services. Other old testament prophets give their testimony as well.
If you have longed to understand these prophetic books-or you want to share their message with others--this book is for you! Avoiding all deep 'theological' language, the prophetic books are allowed to speak their message in a way that all can understand.
More than a dozen Charts and Illustrations are included, also a complete list of the BIBLICAL RULES that enable correct biblical interpretation! This is valuable knowledge to use in your own personal Bible study!
Jesus promises a special blessing to those who study these prophetic books and share this message with others. 2

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